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How Not to Piss Away Your Progress on Vacation

Over the years, I've recognized that prioritizing fitness in a way that fits into my life at all stages should not be a stressful or anxiety-inducing endeavor. On vacations I would obsess over eating out at restaurants, and damper the enjoyment and relaxation I owed myself in the wake of being on top of my shit 99% of the time. We can be our biggest obstacles sometimes, you know that? So the internal monologue would go like so: "Hey, you need to stay on track. Limit the eating out, ask them to make modifications, write down everything you eat" and on and on with the neuroses. Can you see where this is headed? By trying to "be good" in a situation that called for me to draw outside of the hard lines of my regular health routine (it's temporary folks, remember that), I would spend half of my trip feeling stressed, guilty, and ultimately end up caving into the pressure I had built up. Then....a binge....HARD. Trial and error, my friends, this is how we learn. And I can say that I've arrived at a place where I can comfortably book a trip, and know that I can enjoy myself and keep on track with my wellness goals. You CAN have your cake and eat it too.

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