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The Three C's in Coaching


Not Just a Trainer, But a Coach

Moving outside of your comfort zone can be scary. It can be annoying. It can be tedious. And many times the success that you are chasing may take longer than expected. We often talk about becoming fit as a product of adopting a lifestyle. Trust, it can be way easier to teach someone how to change their form than it is to help them reframe their mindset sometimes. As coaches we can supply mountains of empirical data, give our own tried and trued anecdotes, and plan topnotch programs….but those are the easier parts of the meal to digest. 

I decided to frame my personal journey around these three concepts, and I root my coaching in them as well: 


I need to help keep you on the horse. Whether it’s for 5 minutes or 5 years. Finding out what you enjoy in fitness, what kind of experience (this can just be a general feeling as well) you want to spend your time, energy, and money on is important. If you like what you do, you will continue to do it. 



This is the more “left brain” leaning component. I can’t have it all, but I don’t have to throw it all in the trashcan and light it on fire either. Life is a give and take, and phasic. I reduce complex carbs on days of low activity but get to have pasta on my power/lifting days. Recognize how these healthier modifications fit into your workout regimen and regular day to day, and the “fit you” and “regular you” may just evolve into one.


No more self flagellation. I was so obsessed with losing weight that I'd go on these crazy juicing days, lowkey starving myself, to make up for having a burger or pizza one night. As if one night is going to screw up everything I'd done! As long as you haven't been a total jerk to your body, it will forgive you! If you live a busy lifestyle, manage stress (uhm, everyone) and have other obligations, there is always something vying for your time. Learn when you have to put the breaks on or shift gears for a moment, just to get through the rough patches. Trying to bulldoze your way through a loaded life just for the sake of staying on track can be detrimental at times, in my opinion.


Fitness As A Life Tool

Utilizing Fitness to Aid Function

My fitness journey has spanned over 17 years. As a child, I was enamored with the upbeat music and moves of the "Aerobics" era, and would wake up at the crack of dawn to watch dance cardio videos before school. As a young adult, I played competitive sports and found that my goal had shifted from just getting in movement, to fine tuning a body capable of athletic feats. As an adult, I found that my physical and mental health were heavily dependent on proper nutrition and adhering to a training schedule. My personal training journey began entirely self-motivated and self-taught. It was a way for me to heal in a holistic way. The method needed to serve a purpose that directly propelled me closer towards my wellness goals. In that regard, I coach my clients with the same mindset. 

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a Certified Weight Loss Specialist. I hold a certification as a Pain Free Performance Specialist as well. I emphasize a well rounded program that includes work focused on resistance training, cardiorespiratory conditioning, balance, and flexibility work. I believe we are only as strong as the sum of the tools we utilize to build resilience. I provide my clients with a fitness wheelhouse that allows them a better day to day living experience. 

Aside from my coaching career, I am an active amateur boxer. I am the 2023 Metropolitan New York State Champion, as well as the 2023 New York Boxing Tournament Champion. I love the sport of boxing and enjoy sharing that experience with clients! 

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